Our clients range from students to senior citizens, small businesses to home users.  The majority of our clients have five or less computers, but some have twenty-five.  We have discounts for seniors, students and not-for-profits.

Here is what some of our clients have said about us:

“I love love love Art of Mac! Have used them for years and refer all my friends and colleagues. They are smart, funny, efficient, and give great money saving advice. Most importantly, they are the only repair people I’ve met who work hard to make computers non-threatening. Instead of only speaking techno-talk, they explain things to me in language that I can comprehend. Excellent all around.” DL

“‘I’ve relied upon Ruth Gumnit since early this century to make all the major changes and updates to my Macs.  She never rolls her eyes when I ask/do something stupid–she simply solves every problem.  And I’ve so appreciated the enhancements she’s suggested, the latest being the Leopard thingy that backs up all my files once an hour.   I call on her at least once a year to clean up my files, and to help me improve my skills–a major challenge.” CM

“I’m in the elder-novice-mac- user catagory. Ruth has been unfailingly helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and patient. I couldn’t ask for more!” M